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How to Baby-Proof Your New Home After a Move

Moving can be overwhelming and tedious. The thought of moving alone discourages some people from making the transition into their dream house. When you focus on the pros and plan ahead, you can mitigate a lot of the risks associated with moving. For families that are moving with a baby, planning also has to be done as it pertains to baby-proofing the new home.

Baby Proof

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The safety and security of your family should always be a top priority as such creating a safe and friendly environment for your baby is an absolute necessity. There are lots of potential dangers at home that kids are exposed to – electrical, heavy furniture, heights, kitchen utensils, etc. Make sure you inspect all rooms in your new home for potential hazards. Write down your findings and take the necessary steps to avoid any casualty. Here are some tips that will enable you to create a safer environment for your baby:

1. Nursery Room

Make sure the crib is a reasonable distance away from the window. Babies like to climb on top of furniture which therefore increases the risk of your baby reaching for the window. After watching mom or dad, they may even open windows themselves. Install window guards or secure windows so they can’t be opened. “Empty the crib of any stuffed animals or other toys, blankets, and pillows to minimize the risk of accidental suffocation”, says Josh Devaal, Writer at He also advised parents to “check if the changing table is stable enough and if it is not, fix it right away”.

According to Green City Movers, “despite the fact that changing tables appear sturdy, secure yours to the wall to prevent accidents”. They also recommend that you protect all sharp edges and corners with removable soft foam safety guards as babies can easily bump their head on a sharp end of the table.

2. Stairways and Entrances

If you have just moved to a multi-storey house, there is a high potential risk of your child falling down the stairs if the stairways are not protected. This can be remedied by mounting safety gates at the bottom and top level of the stairs. Make sure the gates are properly secured at all times. You should also make sure all staircases and hallways are sufficiently lit and don’t forget to hold on to the staircase railings for support while you carry your baby or toddler up and down your new house. Kitchen and door entrances should also be secured with safety gates.

3. Kitchen

If there is one place in a home that has lots of potential hazard for your child, that place is your kitchen. The kitchen is where you keep your knives, fork, breakable plates, glasses, and other items that could cause severe harm to your child if not handled properly.

Children do not fully understand the nature and use of most of these items, as such they tend to misuse them and treat them as toy. Even though the safety gates will prevent your child from entering the kitchen, you should keep your knives, forks and other potential hazardous items in cabinets that are out of your child’s reach. Also make sure these items are washed and kept in their right place immediately after use. You can enhance the safety of the kitchen even further by buying locks for the cabinets (this is very useful if your kitchen’s cabinets are accessible to your child).

4. Bathroom

There are quite a few potential dangers that your child could be exposed to in the bathroom. Install toilet locks to prevent accidental drowning. Toilet locks also prevent exposure to harmful bacteria. Finally, locks prevent your baby from throwing toys and other items into the toilet. Mommy’s Helper Lid-Lok is a good brand that you can buy from Amazon for $10 or less.

When bathing your child, make sure the water is set to an appropriate temperature to prevent skin burns. Make sure you avoid slippery by using slip-resistant infant bathtub and a non-slip bathtub mat. You can buy an anti-bacteria, non-toxic bathtub mat from Hudson’s Bay for $19. In addition, you can use a towel for a better grip when taking your child off the bathtub.

If you happen to keep your medications in the bathroom, make sure the medicine cabinet is safely closed and well out of your kid’s reach.

5. Electrical Outlets

While most homes have electrical outlets that are safe, you should look into making the nursery room and other rooms in your home safer by ensuring that the outlets are in good condition and can’t easily be tampered with. You can further improve the safety of your home by installing electrical outlet protectors. These items can be purchase from Toys R Us under $5. Cords that are within your child’s reach are potential risks of strangulation. Avoid using cord where possible. There are plenty of cordless alternatives at stores nowadays.

Implementing the above tips will greatly improve the safety and comfort of your home, thereby giving you more peace of mind. Treat this as a top priority and ensure it is completed immediately you move into your new home.

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5 Top Tips to Cut Your Living Expenses by 20% or More

Are you spending more than your total earnings? Or you just have a very hard time putting some money aside for bad times? If that’s the case, you are in the right place. We are here to help you cut down on your day to day expenses with some very helpful, easy to use tips. With these tips, you can easily start saving up to 20% of your earnings or even more than that!


1. Stop spending on items that you didn’t plan for

It’s always important to create a shopping list and stick to it. Don’t opt for impulse buys as this is where most of your money will go. Just purchase items that you need and which can make a difference in your life. Never opt for items that are very expensive unless you really need them. The more you refrain from unnecessary purchases, the more money you can save.

2. Cut utility expenses

You can cut expenses on your utilities as well. For example, you can set the thermostat for your cooling or heating units so they won’t run all the time. In addition, you can turn off the lights when you get out of a room so you never leave those on for no reason. A similar thing is valid in regards to gas and miscellaneous utilities. If possible, you can opt for solar lighting/energy which can cut your expenses even more.

3. Cut down vehicle expenses

If you have a car, then you know it can eat up a lot of money. You should try to reconsider the gasoline costs and find a place where you can have cheaper refills. Also, avoid using your car for short distances, use the bus or just walk to your destination. It’s recommended to drive smart and with less aggression. Moreover, you should check the pressure in your tires because this will help you save some gas, especially in the long run.

4. Entertainment costs

Create a list with all the entertainment options that you really want to have. Sure, you can buy a gaming console but only if you have the time to use it. Also, when you go in town, avoid unnecessary spending and opt for the cheaper items. It’s also recommended to avoid shopping sprees where you just buy stuff you already have, just because it’s newer.

5. Cut food and drink costs

Opt for foods that are on sale, but try to eat only healthy food! Invest in an inexpensive coffee pot instead of an expresso machine. Also, try to get seasonal foods as they are less expensive most of the time.

While these might seem like austerity measures, the reality is that they can indeed help you cut your expenses about 20% or more. Of course, you are free to choose what things are more important for you, but try to use this article as a guideline. Do it properly and you will be able to save a lot of money in no time!

Did we miss out a very important tip that you feel should be among the top 5? Let us know what your thoughts are. At Nodigore, we value our readers’ feedback.

5 Top Safety Tips for Your New House or Apartment

Purchasing a new home can be fulfilling and very exciting. However, this also comes with a wide range of security risks as well. This is why you should create a safety plan in order to make sure that your home is fully safe and ready for you to move in!

Home security concept. House with lock and chain. 3d

1. Check the fuel and heating systems

These are the systems that malfunction the most in just about any home. If you want to boost your safety and ensure that nothing bad is happening, call a professional to check on your heating and fueling systems. If you want to do this on your own, you have to check for leaking gas, oil or smoke. In case any of these systems is malfunctioning, you should consider replacing or repairing them.

2. Replace your doors/windows or at least your locks

There’s no denying that doors and windows are those features which are targeted by attackers most of the time. They are vulnerable, so you have to try and boost your security by replacing them with new ones. If you don’t want to opt for door/window replacements, you should consider at least adding in new locks. This will help you keep intruders away, as you will be the only one with a key or any type of access!

3. Install outdoor and indoor lights

Thieves will attack homes which don’t have any lights on, as they think you are away from home. A good way to deal with this problem is to install a good lighting system. You can opt for automated lighting systems controlled via your mobile phone if you want. Focus on both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Of course, pay extra attention to the front door lighting!

4. Add a security system

From installing an outdoor/indoor surveillance system to adding alarms and detectors, all of these actions will help you improve your safety and reduce the chances of burglary as well. According to various researchers, it seems that adding in a security system will lead to at least 60% less home intrusions and thefts. This does show how efficient and reliable such a security system can be in the first place.

5. Clean up the front and back yard

It might sound silly, but the lack of any cleaning will certainly attract burglars. They will always check to see if a home is inhabited or not and even such a simple sign can tell a lot to them. Obviously, it’s a good idea to clean your front and back yard as often as possible as this will help keep thieves away!

In conclusion, even with just a few simple tips like these, you can easily protect your home from thieves! Always try to trust your instincts and create a good backup plan, have someone to call when something goes wrong. It’s also very important to know the neighborhood as even the simplest call can make a whole lot of a difference. Just remember to apply these tips as soon as you purchase your home, as they will help you stay safe!

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