5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Move During Winter

Moving during winter season doesn’t sound ideal and most families avoid it at all cost. This is because kids are in school and the driving conditions are not so great.  What’s more? It could get extremely cold some days.

Image Credit: Realtor.com

However, there are a couple of good motivations that would make you want to move during winter. In the event that you have any control over your moving calendar, you should plan your move in the winter season. Here are 5 reasons why moving during the winter months make sense:

1. Cut Moving Costs by 30% or More

There’s a sure back and forth movement to the moving business. Things peak in the late spring, when the climate warms up, and begin to fade away in the fall when the school year starts. During winter, the quantity of moves goes down drastically as very few people are willing to move. You see where we’re running with this? By not doing the normal and moving during the winter, you could cut your moving cost by half.

To boost your discount potential further, schedule your move during the week (not on the weekend) and toward the middle of the month. That’s when moving company schedules are generally the lightest.

2. Apartment Buildings Offer Incredible Deals

Since there are not a lot of people moving in the winter, there would be a lot of free apartments as the demand for them would be low. And simple economics states that the lesser the demand, the lesser the cost of a good, service, or in this case an apartment. So, you can be sure to get incredible deals on apartment buildings if only you would forfeit moving at your own convenience and move during the winter.

3. Your Belongings Might Be Safer

Most of the country can reach scorching temperatures in the summer. But the temperatures you feel outside are nothing compared to the temperatures inside a moving truck or your own car trunk. You can drastically lower your risk of ruining everything you own by packing carefully. But one slip-up could mean goodbye to your fragile record collection or one-of-a-kind oil painting. And slip-ups happen. Things like candles, soaps and perishable food can spoil during the journey.

But if you move in the winter, you might find yourself quite grateful for those frigid temperatures.

4. You’ll Have Less Competition

If you live in an urban area, moving during the high season along with the others can be very frustrating. Even with booking a month in advance, your preferred moving company might not even have an opening on a Wednesday morning during the entire month you need to move.

And trying to haul your stuff in and out of self-storage is no picnic, either. But if you move in the winter, all of the not-as-smart-as-you folks won’t be vying for the movers’ attention. You’ll have more freedom to schedule your move when you want—even at the last minute.

5. High Availability of Rental Trucks

Aside from being able to move when you choose since there is less competition during the winter, there would also be a high availability of rental trucks. This is good news for those of you that have a lot of items to move, as you would be able to move everything at once, and not wait for a couple of weeks.


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