Top 3 Things To Do After Moving!!!

1. Unpack the boxes

While you may feel overwhelmed looking at the stack of boxes in your living room, kitchen and bedroom, resist the urge to start unpacking. Instead, unpack the boxes on an as needed basis. Say, for instance, if you discovered that you need to use a utensil, you can open the appropriate box, and get the item out. This trick will make the packing process seamless and will save you lots of time, and it will work extremely well if you mark your boxes correctly. Always make sure the boxes are placed in the right section of the house or apartment to avoid moving stuff around.



2. Change your postal address

Moving from place to another means your address will change, even when you are only moving few blocks away. As such it is paramount that you change your address as soon as possible to ensure that you continue receiving your mail. Scammers seize the opportunity when you move to intercept your mail and compromise your personal information.

“Don’t forget to give some cash to the new owners/renters of your old place so that they can forward your mail until that entire change of address thing takes effect,” says Anthony Bale, an expert writer at The Moving Blog. You could ask the new owners/renters how much they will like you to leave for postage stamps. Hopefully, they request a fair and reasonable amount.






3. Acquaint yourself with your new home

A new era has begun and you feel like you are in an unfamiliar environment. Don’t panic. This happens to almost everybody. Take a moment and do a quick tour of the house to appreciate its beauty once more (you must have had a few tours around the house or apartment during the time of purchase or prior to signing the lease agreement). However, for some reason, it always feels different when you actually move in.

Test your appliances, taps, and shower to make sure they are functioning as expected. Check and test the fire alarms and smoke detectors. If the house or apartment doesn’t have a fire alarm or smoke detector, make sure you buy one and install it on the day of your move, if possible. This is very important. Make sure the doors and windows are safe.



Did we miss out any important tip that you feel should be among the top 3? We would be glad to hear from you!!!